We aim to prescribe you the most appropriate medications for your conditions in a timely manner, by delivery or to a pharmacy of your choice, free of NHS restrictions and in accordance with best medical practice.

Prescription written by WPGP can be:

  • Printed and handed to you
  • Emailed to a local pharmacy

Or preferably

  • Using our associates, SignatureRX, the leading online electronic pharmacy

The benefits of SignatureRX are:

  • An advanced electronic private prescription service which is safe, secure, and speedy.
  • Collection of medications from any UK pharmacy.
  • Option to use pharmacy delivery services for medication straight to your home or work.
  • No risk of losing prescription.

Please note:

  • Prescriptions may be issued after consultation with a clinician or on repeat if requested (you will be charged).
  • Prescriptions will be issued at the professional discretion of a clinician, in accordance with up-to-date clinical guidelines.
  • Controlled drugs, drugs that are addictive and those that may be abused will not be prescribed unless in special circumstances and certainly not on repeat.
  • WPGP is unlikely to prescribe you anything stronger than can be brought in your local pharmacy.
  • Medications to aid withdrawal from substance abuse, eg alcohol, may be prescribed in conjunction with specialist care only under shared care. We cannot prescribe for heroin withdrawal.
  • WPGP reserves the right to deny prescription requests.