New life-saving blood test detects cancers early – and with accuracy!

detects cancers

A new groundbreaking blood test that detects over 70 types of cancers in their early stages, could be rolled out as a standard screening in as little as five years time.

Now, the NHS is carrying out its biggest ever trial of its kind – so the blood tests can be ready to roll out to patients across the UK. With cancer causing one in four deaths in the UK, never has there been a stronger spotlight on early cancer detection testing.

MCED Multi Cancer Early Detection Blood test

In England, around half of cancers are currently diagnosed at an early stage. The importance of early detection cannot be understated. If cancer can be caught before metastasis (before it spreads to other organs), there is a significantly higher chance of survival. The government is aiming to increase early stage diagnosis to three quarters by 2028.

Recent advances in genetics have led to the development of a number of multi-cancer detection blood tests, these are progressing through clinical trials and are now coming onto the market.

One of these tests, the Trucheck test, offers the highest levels of accuracy, and if cancer is detected, it can show the tissue or organ of origin. Extensive clinical trials have demonstrated Trucheck’s effectiveness.

The Cancer Screening Trust (CST) that developed the Trucheck test, is a not-for-profit company and the largest independent provider of multi-cancer screening tests in the UK.

Trucheck Tests – detects cancer with accuracy

The Trucheck blood test has full UK clinical approvals and it screens for over 80% of cancers by incidence, with 96.8% accuracy.

Research showed that the new ‘liquid biopsy’ Trucheck tests from the CST were superior over other cancer blood tests, detecting nine in 10 cases of cancer. Also, the technology used can detect cancer earlier than before, and with the highest level of accuracy. This will allow life-saving treatments to begin before symptoms even develop – resulting in millions of lives saved!

Now, CST is in discussion with the NHS over its current trials that involve 140,000 patients (Galleri test), but using the CST Trucheck technology as it has proved an even higher accuracy.

Availability now

Trucheck is now available privately to individuals and companies at a cost of £1250, and includes all pre and post-test consultations, a referral from our in-house doctor, a full written report with the results and advice on the best way forward in the event of a positive reading.

The test takes less than a minute to complete, following a detailed consultation. This unique test detects and characterises circulating tumour cells ( CTC’s) via a lab checking process of a few days. If cancer cells are detected, the patient will be able to access treatment without delay.

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